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Hair Addition Studio(HAS) provides customised solutions for all your hair related problems. With the best state of art technique and technologically advanced method, we help you redefine yourself. Our dedication is to provide premium hair replacement procedure that will give you stunning and better-looking hair by the use of multiple techniques.

  • It is non surgical method of hair replacement; therefore there is no particular side effect of the procedure.
  • This technique is suitable for any hair types that will ensure undetectable hair for the customers.
  • Hair patches are one of the fastest at an affordable price hair loss treatment available in the market.

What are Hair Wigs?

Human Hair wigs – As the name suggests, these wigs are made from the hair of a human donor and are 100% natural which can enhance your confidence and looks astonishing on one’s head. Are you looking to experiment with your hair but don’t want to spend much money that can cause damage to your hair? Hair wigs are the perfect solution so that you can get a break from the daily routine of styling that may be harming your hair. There are many types of human hair wigs depending upon the build of the cap namely full lace wigs, front lace, monofilament wig, hair weft, custom wigs and much more. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs – With technological advancement wigs made from the nylon fibre which is an excellent hairpiece for the women who wants to change their hairstyle for a short time period. The synthetic wigs comes in pre-build styles where can be worn directly while going out, no styling is necessary. Today’s the density and texture synthetic wigs offers is commendable, therefore it has become increasingly popular among many young people to spice up their looks.

Which Type of Wig to Choose?

During wig shopping, one might get overwhelmed and confused because of the various wigs available in the market the oodles styles, colours, texture, construction, material and much more. Understanding the critical difference between human hair wig and synthetic hair wigs in delhi will make your wig hunting even more fun.

Use: People undergoing cancer treatment, lose all their hair, therefore need a perfect and natural looking wig so that it will not only suit their personality but also seems effortless. Consequently, we recommend our custom made hair wig designed especially for people are per their head contour, size constructed on fine lace cap with natural looking hairline while synthetic wig serves the purpose of a temporary hair change for a special occasion or other events.

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Features & Benefits of Hair Patch

Advantages Of Using Hair Patch

Natural Looking & Undetectable​

With an expertise of 7+ years in this industry, our results speak for us.

Non-surgical Solution

No surgery, thus there are no side effects that are resulted because of surgery.


Fully customizable

Size, hair texture, colour? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

Instant Results​

1 hour! Thats all we need to transform your looks.


Less cost is required as compared to that of hair transplant treatments.

Experts Team

HAS Hair Replacement provides you the experts in this field that can guide you very well.

Hassle free day-to-day activities


Without any discomfort you are free to lift weights.

You don’t need to remove while sleeping.

No need to remove patch while taking shower ,you can use conditioner to wash like natural hair.

Feel free to swim as the patches are very user friendly, causes no issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who have a requirement to look good or suffering from hair loss. Some experts rely on wigs.

To show some versatility in case of models.

You lost your hair cause of Chemotherapy.

You’re suffering with Alopecia and don’t have any hair ever.

You have more imagination of yourself as wearing a wig.

Hair Patch is a non surgical hair loss solution for all kinds of baldness. It is also known as the Hair Replacement System. Bonding, Taping and clipping are the methods by which the Hair Patch is properly sticked to bald head. 

People usually wear a wig cause of many reasons such as you’re suffering from caner and all hairs fell out; you have bald spots on your head to hide them you use wigs; suffering from alopecia and no hair on head; temporarily you want to change your look for fashion.

We have natural human hair wigs. Natural Human Hair Wigs are the better one, the better choice, can be styled easily according to the client’s need .

All types of wigs require some maintenance but if you are trained by a hair expert then this procedure you also can do at your home easily.

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